Welcome to my homepage about modding Fallout2. In the future this could be about FO1 and FT.
There are my programs and mods for FO2.

Actual info is in NMA forum: New Tools for Fallout 1/2

For now you can download:

- various AMMO MODs for Fallout 2,

- item editor F2wedit v1.4.4.19 (support FO1 files) and F2wedit Updater v1.0.2.6
- the tool for automated conversion maps edited in BIS mapper to FO1 format FO2FO1_map_converter v2.1.2.6
- simple critter proto editor for Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 FO1/2 Critter Proto Editor v1.0.1.0
- program to change coordinates of Arroyo on worldmap, WORLDMAP_STARTER v1.04b

Feel free to download and use the stuff.